Website payment page


  • A complete website for €75 per year
  • Extra options: e-mail and extra domains
  • Free WordPress site migration (contact us if you have a non-Wordpress-site)
  • For more info, see below


Below, you can pay your annual contribution for your website.

(street, zip code, city)

(members €75, non-members €125 per year)

(€15 yearly per domain)

(€20 per year)

Total: € -

Good to know

On this page, you can pay your annual contribution for using a website made by Reporters Online/De Coöperatie.

  • A site costs €75 per year for members of De Coöperatie and/or Reporters Online. Partner-members via De Coöperatie and NVJ-members also pay €75. Others pay €125 per year. 
  • These costs include the hosting of your domain, hosting of your site, managing and updates, a (daily) back-up of your site and all licenses needed for plugins and themes.
  • Not included are the costs for hosting extra domains, for instance for redirecting, and having your own e-mail on your domain. For extra domains, we charge the average costs of €15 per year. For special domains, the costs are higher (e.g. a .org domain costs €140 per year). If you want a non-standard domain, please contact us on 
  • E-mail services (maximum of 5 addresses) on your own domain cost €20 per year.
  • To manage your website properly, we need you to register your domain with us. The site remains yours at all times, just as all the content and e-mail. If desired, we will transfer your domain to you immediately. This does not apply to licenses for plugins and themes we pay for and manage. Extra domains also remain your property. 
  • When we deliver your website, you are free to change the site as you please. If you use the technology we supply, we will also provide support in case something goes wrong. We do not provide support for plugins and themes that we didn't supply, and these are not included in the costs.
  • If, after delivery of your site, you need further development, please contact us via In case of substantial changes, for instance a new design for your site, we will charge a fee by mutual agreement. 
  • We pay a large share of the costs of our sites up front and annually. Your contribution must therefore also be paid up front and annually. No notice period applies if you wish to cancel a site managed by us, but we do not pay any refunds for your annual contribution(s) if you wish to cancel your site during the year.
  • Your contribution will be charged via a direct debit, which runs until you cancel your site. You will receive an invoice via e-mail.
  • All amounts are excluding BTW (VAT) and our Terms and Conditions apply.