Magazines and sites

Magazines and sites for journalists

If you produce quality journalism, you want to be able to show it off. Preferably on your own site, where you can showcase your work just like you want. Most websites are costly, give you headaches, are difficult to maintain and generally not that good-looking. With RO Magazine, we can fix all that for you. We present low-cost, easily manageable and eye-pleasing websites, especially designed for your needs as a journalist.

Standout features include tailor-made designs, the option to sell your work on your own site and in Blendle, and on-demand support when something malfunctions. When we design new features, you'll be sure to receive them with our automatic updates. Here's what we promise to deliver:


  • Professional sites for magazines en journalists, within a day
  • Full technical support
  • Build your own brand with newsletters and on social media
  • Access to all services of RO and De Coöperatie
  • Tailor made for magazines, portfolio's, publishing, podcasts, video and anything else you can think of
  • Choose from 7 tailor made designs that suit all your site needs


  • Site setup: free (please contact us for prices of custom designs)
  • WordPress migration: free (please contact us for other systems)
  • Support fee €75 for members of Reporters Online and De Coöperatie, €125 for non-members (yearly, VAT excluded)