RO Magazines terms & agreement (NL)

This agreement covers publication of your magazine/publication in the online newsstand Blendle, and possible future other newsstands, using the services of RO Magazines/Reporters Online (ROM). The following terms and conditions apply, we’ll keep it as brief and non-legal as possible.

Blendle publication

1) ROM produces third party online magazine for publication in Blendle. This (normally) requires installation of our WordPress plugin, if you don’t work with WordPress we can make separate arrangements.

2) Blendle magazines have pre-defined lay-outs (you can choose between two), pre-defined fonts and colors are seperately available within each design. Each magazine has it’s own logo and it’s own URL.

Content will be published ‘as is’ and will not be edited, except for technical adjustments necessary for publication. ROM will correct technical production errors, either yours or ours, whenever possible but is not responsible for damages that occur through technical errors. Published articles in Blendle may be made invisible but cannot be removed. Articles can be updated. Lay out and other limitations do not apply to publication on your own site using our Blendle payment button. Only regular WordPress posts can be sold on your own site (ROM does not support custom posts – for now).

3) Magazines/publications are free to publish and monetize their content on their own site as they wish. However, ROM will not publish in Blendle partner content if that content is freely available to all readers at all times. Blendle payments ons site can be turned on and off, this is not possible within Blendle itself. Blendle publications need to contain at least 6 articles per month to justify a Blendle publication. If you want to publish less, you can use our single article publication service on Reporters Online.


4) Articles for publication in Blendle are to be made available to ROM by means of an RSS feed. RSS feeds are standard within WordPress and most other modern CMS-systems. The ROM WordPress plugin contains code for a custom RSS feed, you may have to adjust some system settings for it to work properly. ROM will support this when necessary.

5) You can set your own article prices for short and longer content, with a maximum price per article of €0,99. Once set, these prices are fixed and cannot (simply) be adjusted. The Blendle payment system does not allow subscriptions to be sold on site (it may be possible to sell them in Blendle itself eventually).


6) ROM is a production service, marketing services are not included in this agreement except for regular social media support (shares, retweets etc.). When your publication requires marketing services, feel free to contact us at

Sales and data

7) External magazines and publications produced by ROM have access to Blendle sales- and other relevant article data in a personal dashboard. ROM also has access to these data for administratative purposes. ROM will not publish these data under any circumstance, nor give them to any third party.

8) Publications that use our service are fully responsible and liable for the content of the text and for images that they publish through our content distribution system, and guarantee they own all applicable content rights. ROM does not, under any circumstance, accept any responsibility or liability for the contents of articles/images/publications by third parties using our technology.


9) The set up costs of a Blendle publication through ROM are €299 up front and €50 yearly for maintenance of publication technology. Apart from that, we charge a 10% commission on all sales within our network. You will receive a sales update at least each quarter of the year – you will be able to double check your sales through your dashboard. Royalties will be paid automatically upon receival, an invoice is not necessary. VAT will be (must be) paid by ROM/Reporters Online BV.

Ending a publication

10) If your publication ceases to publish, you’re free to sell or transfer your publication in Blendle to a third party within six months. Your agreement with ROM will be transferable without additional costs. As Blendle publications cannot (as of now) be deleted, you should keep your title relevant within these six months by publishing an occasional article (ROM can provide back up content when necessary). If no solution is provided within six months, we can make a separate agreement for joint publication by you and/or a third party and ROM.


11) All terms of newsstands that publish your content through ROM apply when relevant.


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